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Caterpillar CG Series Gas Generator Sets
Caterpillar CG Series Gas Generator Sets

Quality Caterpillar CG Series Gas Generator Sets manufacturers & exporter - buy Caterpillar CG Series Gas Generator Sets from China manufacturer.

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Caterpillar CG series gas generator sets are made by MWM company in Mannheim, Germany.MWM is an advanced manufacturer of gas and diesel generator sets. As a world leader in providing efficient clean energy and energy solutions, it has a long history of engine production over 140 years.The Caterpillar CG series gas generator sets have an efficient optimized Miller cycle and a steady isolated island operation mode with wide application range and high electric efficiency.

High efficiency
Caterpillar CG series gas generator sets is able to provide up to 44.6% electricity efficiency, meanwhile both recycling more heat and reducing carbon emissions are realized.
Lower application cost
The consumption rate of lublicant oil of Caterpillar  gas generator sets decline to 30% to 50% comparing with other brands.And then help you save more money.
Less installation space required
Caterpillar CG series gas generator sets need only half space comparing with other similar systems, it means you can reduce your cost of installation.
Higher availability
With the prefired spark plug, non particles combustion and longer maintenance interval are achieved and then annual application availability increases finally.
Control system
The entire system is controlled by the Caterpillar Comprehensive electronic management system including engine, heat recycling module, exhaust aftertreatment and fuel processing system and other auxiliary equipment to achieve the overall system monitoring.
Flexible fuel applicability
MWM gas mixing technology and comprehensive electronic management system can be applied to all kinds of gas.

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kWe % % %
CG132-8 400 42.3 45.2 87.5
CG132-12 600 42.0 45.8 87.8
CG132-16 800 42.5 45.3 87.8
CG170-12(K1) 1000 40.0 47.0 87.0
CG170-12(K) 1125 40.9 45.6 86.5
CG170-12 1200 43.6 43.3 86.9
CG170-16(K) 1500 40.9 45.7 86.6
CG170-16 1560 43.2 43.8 87.0
CG170-20 2000 43.7 43.2 86.9
CG260-12 3333 44.1 42.4 86.5
CG260-16 4300 44.1 42.7 86.8
CG260-16 4500 44.6 41.4 86.0
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