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Perkins Gas Generator Set Series
Perkins Gas Generator Set Series

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The Perkins 4000 Series gas engines give you the versatility you need for today’s power generation market. They deliver the same high efficiency performance as their diesel counterparts and meet increasingly stringent emissions standards. They can run on landfill gas, digester gas, biogas and coal-bed mine gas and, with exceptional power-to-weight ratios and compact design, they are easy to transport and install.

Spark ignition gas engine

Conforms to the rigorous emission requirements

Special design, capable for various methane gas fuel

Equipped with Return fuel injection cooling system which is capable for controlling the cylinder's temperature accurately and enabling the reliable power constantly.

Plenty parts for diesel engines can also be used on this kind of engine.

Easy repair and simplified maintenance procedure design

It's capable for  different gas fuels such as natural gas or bio gas.

Genset models Rated power Engine model Efficiency
Electric Heat Total
kWe kVA % % %
N375 300 375 4006-23TRS1 37.4 52.8 90.2
N460 368 460 4006-23TRS2 38.4 47.1 85.5
N525 420 525 4008-30TRS1 37.9 48.1 86.0
N625 500 625 4008-30TRS2 38.5 46.4 84.9
N1075 860 1075 4016-61TRS1 38.4 44.6 83.0
N1250 1000 1250 4016-61TRS2 38.6 42.2 80.8
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